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"What most teachers don’t understand is that you don’t need to think about twenty different things every time you open your mouth. And you don’t need to study singing for more than a few weeks before you begin to experience positive results…It doesn’t matter whether you sing Pop, Rock, Opera, or Musical Theater. You should sing with a technique that allows you to just relax and concentrate on performing- which is what it’s all about anyway, right?”  Seth Riggs 

Vocology In Practice

Danielle is currently a Certified Vocology In Practice Teacher (VIP). 

Members are part of a global network of vocal coaches and singing teachers, music industry professionals, medical/health professionals and Vocologists. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, continuously educating ourselves and researching the latest vocal methodologies, pedagogies and different genres, alongside working on our own voices, to benefit you….The Artist! We focus our teaching around the concept of Student Centered Learning and our 7 Core Foundations that we believe help a singer achieve the highest levels of performance.



  • Encourages a student to become more focused, inspired and assertive
  • Develops confidence  by encouraging students to explore and push their boundaries, which in turn increases artistry.
  • Is the most effective approach to encouraging a student to meet their goals as it helps to ignite a Spark that will produce the motivation to think hard and work hard, for a long time.
  • Nurtures aspirations with a focus on learning what is ‘self discovered’ as opposed to 'forced upon'.



Speech Level Singing... 

Danielle was also a Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor for 8 years. Some SLS principles still form the basis of her vocal teaching.

For over 50 years Seth Riggs and his Speech Level Singing method has assisted over 130 Grammy winners, and many Broadway and Academy Award winning stars...

Developed by Hollywood vocal coach Seth Riggs, Speech Level Singing Technique was forged by the fierce demands placed on the world’s top performers.
Speech Level Singing is a vocal training technique that allows you to sing freely and clearly with maximum power and clarity.

SLS maximises your vocal abilities in any style of singing. From Opera to Rock; Jazz to Pop, Musical Theatre to R&B, over 120 Grammy award winners use it. SLS has also been practiced by Academy Award winning actors and industry leaders to perfect their vocal presence and empower them in speech.

In many cases SLS rehabilitates vocal damage caused by poor teaching or years of abuse, limiting the voice. SLS training will improve your voice allowing you to sing safely and with greater range, no "cracks," "breaks," or losing strength in the middle connection.

Since you are not learning WHAT to sing but rather HOW to sing and maintain an even balance through your vocal passages, this technique can be applied to any genre of music, language or style.

A voice free of manufactured sounds. The technique responds to the structural needs of the individual singer including tension caused by high larynx and the resultant inability of the vocal cords, to allow easy pitch control and natural vowel formation in the throat.

For all ages, the technique is successful at improving and steering young voices from incorrect vocal habits and are particularly effective at rejuvenating senior and damaged voices.

The application of seventeenth century Italian Bel Canto Techniques is the particular vocal pedagogy and tradition that Maestro Seth Riggs has followed, explored and emulated.