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Student Testimonials

“I began singing lessons with Danielle to help me prepare for a tour with a band which I had joined. My plan was to get a few tips, but because I enjoyed the lessons so much and had been improving week to week, I couldn't get enough. And so I booked in for weekly lessons.Danielle's lessons were inspirational, confidence building and very informative! I loved the balance of technical exercises, improvisation and performance. I found her to be very supportive of my performances to which she often attended. I even had Danielle sing at my wedding years later. Her beautiful soul was felt by all at the ceremony. A big thanks to Danielle for helping me find my voice.”

Suzana Farrugia-Zambiasi

"Danielle is a fantastic vocal teacher who teaches the craft of singing through the techniques of SLS. I have been able to strengthen my voice through the exercises and performance opportunities provided. This has eradicated any bad habits previously formed, broadened my range, tone, control and helped me recognise what instrument I have as well as giving endurance to my live performances and songs. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone wishing to improve their singing and develop their singing career."
Mark Gardner Singer/Songwriter

"I sought singing lessons in an endeavor to get the best from my voice. Although I previously had lessons from a number of different vocal coaches, I was experiencing on-going issues that I struggled to resolve and could not find the answers for, such as vocal endurance, sustaining notes and reaching higher notes on the scale. Since commencing Speech Level Singing with DSVS, I have found answers to my questions and my voice goes from strength to strength with every lesson. Danielle has taught me how to regard my body and voice as an instrument, and how to utilize it to achieve consistent, quality sound. While Danielle emphasizes achieving solid technique, areas of performance and emotive singing are also incorporated into the training which has enabled me to produce a holistic end product. Development in blending these three areas are given further opportunity through a number of live performance nights throughout the year. Like any instrument, I believe the voice requires on-going supportive and instructive training, as well as a solid technical foundation. I have found all this and more at DSVS."
Astrid Podesser

"I’d had singing lessons for 6 years before starting lessons with Danielle, and I can honestly say that she has taken my singing to a whole new level. No one had taught me the things that Danielle knows about how the voice works. The SLS technique is relatively simple, and the results are quick. Danielle is an amazing vocalist herself, and an incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable vocal coach. She not only teaches her students how to sing, but also how to become confident performers, by giving them invaluable opportunities to hone their skills in front of live audiences at concerts and showcases."
Alexandra Jae Singer/Entertainer/Songwriter

"Danielle has been a singing teacher that is like a rare cut diamond of mine for several years now. She is a world-class vocal instructor. I am blessed to have such a brilliant and hard working vocal coach that pushes my abilities to greater heights each week. I have found that practicing the SLS method with her I am now exceeding the limits I had once placed on my vocal range and abilities. To her I am always grateful for the voice I am now happy and so confident to sing with."
Katie Campbell. Singer/Songwriter/Actress.