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"Danielle has been a singing teacher that is like a rare cut diamond of mine for several years now. She is a world-class vocal instructor..."
Katie Campbell.
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Vocal Studios

SINGING & PERFORMANCE LESSONS      Hawthorn and East Melbourne

"Is SINGING an important part of your LIFE? Does singing make you feel good? Have you always wanted to sing but don't have the confidence to start?" 

"Do you need guidance on artistry and performance? Is your vocal technique limiting your singing potential and artistry?"

"Do you experience fear and anxiety when performing? Do you want to release mental and physical blocks in any area in your life; voice, performing, work, public speaking and relationships?"  

If you feel the call to sing, or expand your voice to a new level, then your only choice is to dive in!

What sets DSVS apart from other singing instructors;

Danielle's unique approach of teaching you how to Align your Voice and your Body to the truth of your Message for Truthful, Authentic Singing.

Strengthening the singing experience with your true nature, enhancing the awareness of your unique voice and innate musical body, deepening the intimacy with yourself and getting in touch with your creative nature. Singing Life.

Why train at Danielle Soccio Vocal Studios;  

  • The ability to go deeper than you have before. To build trust with your soul's expression.
  • Build Singing Technique for efficient vocal production, stamina and longevity.
  • Learn the mechanics of the voice; anatomy, physiology and vocal acoustics. 
  • Artistry Development to guide the singer to perform with expression, purpose, intention, 'something to say' and build skills and confidence on stage.
  • Understand the important vocal stylistic differences of each genre of music.
  • Character adaptation to song and audition preparation for musical theatre and TV, from a professional actor.

  • Balance Voice, Body, Breath & Movement to 'free up' the voice to its full potential. Learn how your body produces meaningful sound.

  • Develop freedom to move through your vocal range with ease, expression and presence.
  • Mindful singing to become a confident and empowered singer, artist and individual.
  • Perform live at our Concert events or write your own Cabaret.    
  • Learn tools professional performing artists need to stay healthy and consistent in a demanding touring, performing and recording schedule.
  • Aspiring singers will feel comfortable to sing in a relaxed environment for personal enjoyment.
  • Danielle provides singing lessons from her Melbourne studios. Long-distance students can take lessons over the internet via Skype or FaceTime.

  • With 20 years of experience as both a performer and educator, Danielle is quickly able to assess and balance a voice within your first lesson. 

Truthful Authentic Singing coupled with tailored vocal exercises can be applied to any style of song from contemporary pop, rock, jazz, soul, musical theatre and classical.


Danielle mergers her love and study of Life Coaching and Mindful Techniques into her teaching which includes; Vocal Toning, Meditation, Voice Yoga, Emotional Release Technique, Body Breath Work, Public Speaking and Removing Subconscious Blockages to Success - The Journey. 

Danielle is trained in unique tools and processes to overcome mental and physical blocks in performing in any area of life. Whether a public speaker, singer, actor or for life in general, such as; work life or in personal relationships, you will learn to release anxiety, fears and old belief patterns that no longer serve you. To empower and help you find the authentic person and performer in you. Consider booking in a session with Danielle to take you on this freeing, gentle meditative process called The Journey. https://www.thejourney.com/

Danielle is a Certified Vocology In Practice ViP vocal coach. She spent 8 years as a Certified Speech Level Singing (USA) instructor. She has trained with leading vocal coaches around the world including; Tim Smith (Melb), Gary May (Melb), Seth Riggs (LA), Dave Stroud VocalizeU ViP (LA), Jeffrey Skouson (Las Vegas), Greg Enriquez (Las Vegas), Spencer Welch (Vancouver), Wendy Parr (New York), Anne-Marie Speed (UK) and Amit Carmeli (Wild Roots Vocal Journey). She is also influenced by the teachings of Jeanie LoVetri Somatic Voicework (USA) and Voice Scientist Ingo Titze (USA).  


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We can support your singing life and vocal journey, wherever your interests lie;

  • Cabaret Writing 
  • Song Writing Tips 
  • Vocal Toning
  • Voice Yoga
  • Vocal Health
  • Singing Exam preparation for VCE Music Performance or AMEB
  • Auditioning
  • Public Speaking
  • Acting Techniques
  • Managing stage fright and performance anxiety
  • Improving live performance
  • Removing Subconscious Blockages to Success
  • Personal Enjoyment
  • Life Coaching
  • Danielle is a Journey Practitioner whereby through a meditative process you can delve into your subconscious and free yourself of old mental and behavioural patterns, beliefs and vows that don't serve you anymore. This can bring tremendous freedom on a performance, professional and personal level. Visit www.thejourney.com for more information.