Personal Development Coaching Sessions

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My role as your coach is to hold the vision you have for yourself and your life. We first identify the obstacles and challenges that you are facing, and go to work on them.

Are you a woman who wants to be respected and noticed in a bigger way but can admit you are somewhat hiding?

Does fear stop you from putting yourself ‘out there’ even though you are living your purpose to some degree?

Are you sick of seeing others on your social media feed who are less talented and less in integrity making more money and impact than you are?

Do people sometimes drain your energy, or do you often feel exhausted at the end of the day? 

Are you looking for answers as to why you are not easily attracting the opportunities you want?

Do you want to increase the attraction, harmony, and intimacy and attract great relationships?

Once you are clear on what YOU WANT, and what is hindering your progress, together in partnership we design actions that will best serve to take you closer to your life vision. I am there to support and guide you.

I never judge, and I never shame; I will always get to the point with compassion and clarity, so you can get what you need when you need it.

I work with singers, performers, public speakers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees and everyone else in between. We are all navigating the human experience, in different environments and with different life experiences.

What coaching do I offer?

Personal coaching:

As a personal coach I work with individuals who need support with:

  • learning to say no to others, so they can say yes to themselves;
  • speaking up and asking for what they need, no longer playing small or unimportant
  • how to speak or sing with maximum impact on stage or on any forum
  • tools to overcome overwhelm, stress, emotional pain, procrastination, anxiety and shutdown. 
  • pin pointing why your stuck in a rut, stuck in a job, career or relationship that's keeping you unhappy 
  • shifting from surviving to thriving with the income you want
  • getting clear and focused on what you REALLY want with inner work processes

Leadership coaching:

I believe everybody can be the leader in their own lives or at work; 

  • Growing or renewing confidence in your leadership style
  • How to embody power and presence in any situation
  • How to use your voice and energy to communicate for greater impact on others

1:1 Coaching Sessions – minimum of 3 sessions:

Please note that a minimum of three sessions must be booked and completed within 3 months, to facilitate real change.

The next step:

Book a Discovery Session

This is not a “sales” call, but a genuine opportunity for you to experience my coaching method and decide whether or not it suits you. If after the 30 minute complimentary coaching call, we decide we would like to work together on an ongoing basis, you can then decide which program is right for you.

Please contact info@daniellesoccio.com


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