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Awaken Your Voice - New 7 Week Course starting Feb 12th 2020!

A NEW exciting course to find your Voice, Presence and Power. 

Are you afraid to be seen and heard? Do you keep making excuses that stop you from following your dreams? Are you terrified at the thought of singing or speaking to an audience? Do you feel anxious or nervous to perform or speak up in fear of being judged or criticised? Do you feel empty, stressed and are yearning to do something fulfilling in your life, but you don't know how to get out of the rut? Do you want to earn more income for your creative work? 

What this new course will teach you;

"I coach people to find their lost inner voice, to maximise their impact as performers and communicators, teach you to live a more embodied, present life, and increase your personal power and success in life.

Whether you want to improve your performance on stage, in your career, at your job or in your personal life, i will teach you actual tools and practises to help you achieve the success you desire."

Here's what some participants are saying;

"When I first attended an Awaken Your Voice worksop, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I always knew that there were certain blockages in my mind stopping me from being my best self, but it wasn’t until I started these workshops with Danielle that I really learnt how to understand and overcome these mental blocks. I never knew just how much was holding me back in life, but in the matter of weeks I learnt more about myself as a performer, professional and human being and I have begun my journey to break down the wall in my head.” Hillary



I work with individuals who;

  • struggle to fully express themselves as singers, speakers, in relationships and in leadership roles. 
  • feel afraid to perform/speak in public or want to strengthen and build their voice to be truly heard and seen
  • want to make the greatest impact in their work and personal life, but struggle to feel fulfilled.
  • want to stand in their power but simply don’t know how to, or don’t know why they feel shutdown or fearful to speak up or perform in public
  • want to earn more income as a leader and attract better clients or advance at your work place
  • want to dissolve the butterflies, nausea, procrastination and stress you feel in your gut or head every time you think about following your true desires

In my training i'll show you where your blind spots are and give you actual tools and practises that will propel you forward with a stronger voice, courage to take action on your true desires and awaken a power you may have never known in yourself.

This Awakening course will equip you with in-depth tools, processes and practises. It is not singing classes.


The regular price is $1297 for the 7 week course. If you purchase the course by Jan 24th you can attend the full 7 week course for ONLY $997That's a $300 saving. 

PLUS! As a BONUS, if you book the early bird price by Jan 24th, you will receive a free 30min coaching session with me during the course usually valued at $100.

It's time for change. Start 2020 with less exhaustion, dissatisfaction and overwhelm and set some clear goals for yourself.

Please feel free to schedule a FREE 20 MIN CALL with me to discuss and answer any questions you may have about taking up this special offer. Im so excited to connect with you and share this amazing work. Email me at; info@daniellesoccio.com

This is a life changing course, and as a benefit, it also sets the foundation of my unique singing technique too.

2020 Course Dates are;

Feb 12th, Feb 19th, Feb 26th, March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, March 25th.

Time 7pm to 845pm

Message me today! info@daniellesoccio.com