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Awaken Your Voice - Next 7 Week Course starts Oct 7th 2020!

A 7 Week Course to find your Voice, Desires, Presence and Power. 

Are you afraid to be seen and heard? 

Do you keep making excuses that stop you from fulfilling your desires? 

Are you terrified at the thought of singing or speaking to an audience? 

Do you feel afraid, anxious or nervous to sing or speak up in fear of being judged or criticised? 

Do you feel empty, stressed and are yearning to do something fulfilling in your life, but you don't know how to get out of the rut? 

Do you want to earn more income for your gigs and work and attract better clients and audience?

Awaken Your Voice will help you; 


What this course will teach you;

- How to have the courage to get up on stage, in front of any audience, big or small and express yourself with stoic presence and confidence.  

- How to maximise your vocal impact, to feel like you are heard and seen so it feels really good, really easy and safe

- How to switch off the battle with your mind that says; "I'm crap, I'm scared, I'm not good enough, no one wants to hear me, no one listens to me, I'm afraid of getting it wrong, I'm not perfect enough, I'm not experienced enough.

- How to find your true hidden inner gifts and talents that you're afraid to show to anyone!

- Find what you really want in life and give you strategies and practises to fully express it and finally take action without fear, panic, shyness, procrastination and anxiety.

- How to turn your dreams into more happiness and more money

- How to reduce stress and anxiety every time you want to speak up for yourself.  

Here's what some participants are saying;

"When I first attended an Awaken Your Voice, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I always knew that there were certain blockages in my mind stopping me from being my best self, but it wasn’t until I started this course with Danielle that I really learnt how to understand and overcome these mental blocks. 

I never knew just how much was holding me back in life, but in the matter of weeks I learnt more about myself as a performer, professional and human being and I have begun my journey to break down the wall in my head.” Hillary

If it's time you need to TRULY express your greatness then take up THIS SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER by Sept 30th 2020;

The regular price is $1897 for the 7 week course. 

If you purchase the course by September 30th you can attend the full 7 week course for ONLY $1497

That's a $400 saving. 

What's next for you?

Book a FREE 30min 'Journey to Awakening' discovery call with me and you'll receive:

  1. Clarity on what your main current concerns are and how the course can help you
  2. A tool or practise to take home and start using immediately
  3. The opportunity to find out if we want to work together 


7 weekly sessions; Oct 7th, Oct 14th, Oct 21st, Oct 28th, Nov 4th, Nov 11th, Nov 18th   -   Time 7pm to 930pm @ ONLINE via Zoom 

+ PLUS weekly embodiment and meditation session for guided contemplation to integrate the course work, to keep you tuned into your flow, potential & success.

+PLUS join a closed facebook group where you can connect with other members of the AYV course in a community of support and connection.

Limited spots so book your FREE 'Journey to Awakening' Call today! info@daniellesoccio.com