Danielle Soccio


A special one-night only preview at KaDo Cabaret of Playing To Win. Thursday Feb 20th @ 8pm.


If your life has been filled with compelling romances, excelling career moves, impeccable life choices whilst pacing the world on long chiselled limbs... this show's not all about you.

‘Playing To Win’ is the Martini-a-minute melodrama of one woman's relentless desire to reach the top!

Danielle Soccio shares this story through poetic songs of bruised romance, career slips and flawed humanity, told with brutal honesty and almost no medication. Taking us through a grab-bag of pop songs and musicals, Danielle leaves the likes of Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and even Taylor Swift stupefied, agape and speechless.

"Soccio socks it to you til you're sore." The Westcasterton Advisor

"Danielle dares and delivers." 9B4U Radio Binabong.

Musically directed by maestro of the black and whites, Rainer Pollard, ‘Playing To Win’ is a cabaret where you will feel the winner too.

Musical Direction by Rainer Pollard 

Written by Danielle Soccio and Will Conyers 

Directed by Will Conyers