Danielle Soccio


10 reasons why singing makes you happy

Did you know singing makes you Healthier, Smarter and Happier?

Make Singing your happy drug! Here's 10 reasons why singing makes you happy:

1. Release happy hormones! Endorphins increases your levels of oxytocin
2. It's healthy! Improve posture, breathing and blood-flow
3. It's free! Our voice is our free human instrument so use it
4. It makes you smarter! Create new neural pathways and improve brain meta-plasticity
5. It's fitness! Ward off age-related decline by continuously ‘exercising’ your brain and body
6. It's healing! Heal moodiness, depression, physical ailments and speech abnormalities
7. It's social! Promote social bonding and cohesion; and rediscover your own identity
8. It feels good! Relieve mental health issues; feel happier, better connected and supported
9. Connect! With other diverse voices and your community
10. It's a non-medicated natural drug! Be smarter, healthier, happier and more creative

Who wouldn't want that?
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